Monday, December 1, 2008

Ericsson 3 reaches Cochin with the third position

Ericsson 3 (Anders Lewander) appeared at the berth by around 1420 local time. According to the press note, Ericsson 3 spent the final 24 hours of the leg almost drifting, choosing to activate their StealthPlay in order to keep their position secret and prevent the chasing pack from sailing round them while they were becalmed. The crossed the finish at 0736 GMT (1306 local time) on December 1st, 2008.

Further the note says, on stepping ashore, skipper Anders Lewander said, “Coming into port is wonderful. It is something you dream of and realising it feels so great. A podium position is extraordinary. This race is worth fighting to be involved in. We have spent a lot of time developing and learning and each leg has its achievements, and on this leg, we have been though all sorts of weather. We now know how we can go forward. I have great confidence in the team.”

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