Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seven teams in Kochi, waiting for the arrival of the eighth - Team Russia

The last three days, I was spending time at the Race Village and today, I chose to sit back home to file a couple of Volvo related stories.

The day before - December 1st noon was interesting when I waited for the arrival of Ericsson 3. The only yacht I have witnessed reaching Kochi. Ericsson 4 reached Kochi during the early hours of November 30th, Telefonica Blue by late evening on November 30th and Telefonica Black, Puma, Delta Lyold and Green Dragon by late evening on December 1st. Team Russia is yet battling their way to Kochi. Hopefully, they should make it tonight or tomorrow morning. With just one team still out in the sea, I was curious to know they were taking things. As I logged on to Volvo Ocean Race website, I found the following release - an interesting one from Team Russia:

'A defiant Mark Covell, the media crew member on board, says spirits remain high and the team is looking forward to the finish:

"We are on the emerald highway home and nothing is going to stop us from enjoying our last few days at sea. Even the rain that is falling now will not break our spirit," he wrote. "We have been catapulted forward by huge waves of the Southern Ocean and stopped dead in our tracks by Indian fishing nets on a stop-start of a leg that still has yet to stop...We hold our heads up high and congratulate the winners."

The team is certainly maintaining its sense of humor, calling in its StealthPlay overnight only to cancel it after a couple of position reports. The team can expect a warm welcome for its efforts when it arrives in Cochin.'

That says it - let us welcome, the eighth team – Team Russia to Kochi.

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